Don’t drive distracted.

Nicole C

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Imagine, you are in your car when all of a sudden you look down at your clock…7:50 am oh no I’m going to be so late to class. Not so hard to imagine, I know we’ve all been there. Now imagine you panic and decide to text your best friend to tell the teacher you will be late and save you a seat. All of a sudden you look up from sending that text to see your front end go into the rear end of the car ahead of you. Make you jump? Texting isn’t the only way you could be distracted. Do you like to stop at the local coffee shop on your way to school? I see it now. You’re driving down the road taking a sip of the fresh brewed goodness when all of a sudden the top comes off and piping hot coffee goes all down the front of you. What is your first thought? I bet it’s “Oh man, I better get this off of me before anyone sees it” and not “Keep your eyes on the road and take care of this when I stop”. While your cleaning yourself off you don’t realize your foot slipped from the gas to the break and the next thing you know SMASH you get rear ended. Then there’s the cosmetologist. You were rushed out of the house and forgot to put your makeup on. You think to yourself I can put my mascara on while driving. Only, you didn’t realize you can’t drive with your knees. The car goes out of control and slams into the guardrail. What do all these situations have in common? They are distractions that end up with you and your car in an accident. Distracted driving is just as bad as drunk driving. Don’t drive distracted.