Safe driving

Max D

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Max Diaz 9/17/18 Drivers ED period 5 Create Real Impact Driving can be a very exciting thing. It gives people more freedom and responsibilities. Driving can also be a very dangerous thing. Millions of people die by car crashes every year which on average is 3,287 deaths a day. People are trying to come up with new ideas on how to make driving safer. Some ideas for making driving safer is to make driving safer cars could have a built in breathalyzer. If the number is over a certain number the car should turn off. This will make sure that there are no drunk drivers out on the road. Also if you are of a certain age cars could have curfews. If you try to turn on the car at a certain time it will not turn on. This will prevent new drivers or maybe old drivers from causing accidents. Cars could also have something built in that can contact 911 when car reaches a certain amount of damage. This is a great idea because what if the driver doesn’t have their phone or maybe they’re unconscious. Those are all ideas on how to make driving safer. Those are ways we can make cars safer. A way drivers can be safer on the road is by increasing the passing grade on the drivers ED classes to maybe 80% or 85%. Increasing the passing grade would ensure people actually know the information instead of them just memorizing for a test. All these things are good ideas on making the roads a safer, but it also all depends on the driver. In conclusion there are many ways to make driving safer. You could improve the vehicle to make it smarter and we could also change some educational factors when it comes to drivers ED.