The Manipulation of Society’s Safety

Tyler L

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As the development of society begins the succeed away from what was normal from the past, we begin to overlook the safeties and positives of what we had before. The involvement and use of these many “convenient” and conventional products, such as phones, social medias, and unnecessarily loud music, has sparked the destruction of our safety today. Although there are many signs in which urges us to stray away from this issue, the necessity of these objects have overtaken us, leaving us feeling empty without the interaction of these siren like habits. I too, can admit that I have been sucked into a simple notification of a text, and listening to loud music with friends on end, but who can say that they haven’t. I understand that this is the very issue I’m fighting against, however, I need to point out that it’s these few issues that are manipulating today’s society into thinking these actions are acceptable. In addition, as stray father away from trying to caution these problems, it will only result into further consequences in our life. It may seem like checking a text or notification is fine and is not a big deal, but the fact that these are the small things that can take a person’s life, break a family apart, and leave those completely traumatized from its event. I can safely say that this is in fact a big deal in which we need to resolve as soon as possible, because if we don’t, we are only urging for more of these issues to occur. Therefore, understanding that this conflict may be a life or death situation, we need to understand that we can make this change happen. We need to understand that we are not only benefiting those around us, but prolonging our longevity as well.