Why Risk It All

kasandra a

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Near where I live there are many car accidents for many reasons. Some reasons are drunk driving or being distracted while you are driving by using your phone or listening to really loud music. My solution to this widely known problem is to pay attention to what you are doing while driving make sure that there is no distractions. Another one of my ideas is to raise an awareness that everyone should be more careful to what they are doing and that we should spend more efforts on raising more awareness toward the situation. Another reason for this situation is that people are just driving without any real knowledge of what they are doing besides turning the car on and driving but they are not really aware of what they are doing. Something that we can do about this is being more strict to checking if people have a permit or drivings license. There are many things that we can do to fix this problem because loosing someone in your will make it extremely somber and we just want our loved ones to stay safe and protected.