Didn’t you hear me?

karisma L

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Do you remember back before your first time behind the wheel? Do you remember the stories you told me about how you were scared to go fast or text and drive? Didn’t you hear me? I remember when you told me that you were afraid to hit 50 in a 60. You were afraid of losing control, however, all your friends were driving 90 in a 60 and you thought you should do the same to be cool. I remember when you told me you were too afraid to even pick up your phone to change the song, but now you text long paragraphs while you drive. I kept telling you to remember back when you were thinking right, thinking about what could happen if you fell into societies awful driving habits. We were just going to eat in town and you were going over the speed limit. I told you to slow down. You picked up your phone. I told you to put it down, I could change the song or text for you. Did you hear me? While you kept looking at your phone I screamed in fear as I realized we were approaching a red light and noticing we were not coming to a stop. Next thing I knew everything was black… when I came to you were gone. You were so young and my first love. In the blink of an eye, you were gone all because of these awful habits of the world. Only thing I want to know is “Didn’t you hear me?”