how much is your life worth

Cammie C

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I know everyone has heard the saying “drive now, the text can wait”. This saying is everywhere but no one stops to think about it till they lose someone to texting and driving. There are still people who don’t think about drinking and driving till it happens to them. One of the most ignored driving advice is driving distracted. that could be drunk, texting, talking, or even eating. Most people don’t think twice about eating and driving as something you shouldn’t do yet according to US Stactice, there are more than 424,000 people injured or die from distracted driving. That’s a lot of people! Distracted driving could be anything from eating while driving, dealing with fussy children in the back seat, or even being distracted from passengers in the car. After talking to kids in middle school, high school, or even college, not to text & drive or drink & drive has been drilled into their head since they were able to read the posters posted all over the schools. That is a great message but one thing those posters don’t talk about is distracted driving. No parent is ever prepared to hear that their little child is dead because she was eating and driving in traffic and she didn’t look up. No one is ever prepared to bury their little sister because she had a load full of friends and they were messing with her while she was driving. If that number surprises you, imagine the number of people affected but the sudden loss of their loved one. Imagine all the nights spent crying and the money spent to plan the funerals of friends, family, and loved ones. Is responding to the text really worth it? Is picking up that phone call really worth it? Is driving when you know you have had something to drink really worth it? Can that burger really not wait till you get where you are going? The texts, phone calls, drinks, and food aren’t worth the pain and suffering your friends and family would have to endure. Focus on driving and nothing else!