A Future Left Behind

Anganette C


Open your eyes and see The future you left behind for thee Did you think? Did you know? At the consequence that once seemed unknown Open your eyes and realize That everything can happen in a blink of an eye Why do you have to learn the hard way? And when it’s not the same? Your future. Your life. Your family. All the things that make you happy But now open your eyes and see All the things that could be For a foolish mistake? Think of all at stake For that fateful day which was not the same The laughs of joy-now tears of sorrow Because of you Will there be a bright tomorrow? Only if you knew But now it’s too late – this fateful day Do your time Incriminate. Your dreams. Your life. Your future. It won’t come any sooner Beams of light shine through those cold bars All because of a car? No YOU made this happen you see Acting ignorantly That quick glance away is all it takes To forever change a life – mistake Know your future is put to a halt And yes, it’s your fault College. Family. Happiness. A Future. It won’t come any sooner Think twice before you drive away There’s so much at stake to contemplate So next time you get behind a wheel Consider your future – not your automobile


When given the opportunity to write about possible solutions for teens who drive distractively, there were many ideas to chose from. However, what many don’t consider when they are distractive driving is their future. As a teen who is attending college, it is typical for one to work towards a goal in life. Whether it is having children, a spouse, a higher education, or an inspired occupation, teens have their whole life ahead of them and some don’t take that into consideration when driving. With this notion in mind, I thought the best way to incorporate this message was through a poem. I thought a poem would truly capture the emotional conflict of a ruptured future and have one think twice before they act ignorantly. The poem highlights the situation in which a teen drives distractively and suffers the consequence of jailtime. Throughout the poem it is emphasized how the teen’s future is put to a halt and how simple pleasures and livelihood can be nonexistent. By implementing such a harsh yet realistic reality of distractive driving, the next teen who reads this poem will assuredly consider their actions and their future when getting behind the wheel.