Education Against Distracted Driving

Treya G

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Education Against Distracted Driving A single person alone cannot solve the prominent issue of distracted driving. Nonetheless, single individuals add up to create a safer driving environment. Therefore, the more people that are educated on the dangers of distracted driving, the safer driving will be. Educated citizens will be less likely to partake in hazardous driving activities such as texting. The majority of United States citizens are aware of the general fact that inattentive driving is perilous, however, they do not fully comprehend the severe impacts behind it which results in them taking risks while driving. Informing the public on the real, prominent dangers of distracted driving will cause them to be safer drivers as the specific facts and statistics put the risk they are taking into perspective. Unless teens enroll in driver’s education, they will not be informed of the extent of the impact of driving while distracted and the intense risk involved. For these reasons, people applying for a driver’s license should be required to take a class on the dangers of distracted driving before they are eligible to receive a driver’s license. Education on distracted driving will result in a decrease of annual car crashes.