One Late Night

Emily V

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It’s late again, we have to end our study group earlier next time. I have class tomorrow morning. I offered Melanie and her sister a ride home but they said its late and I should go straight home. I get in my car and begin to drive home. Its been a while since I last ate, maybe I can buy some food and some soda to keep me awake while I get home. This drink isn’t working I still feel my eyes getting tired so I turn on the radio, maybe if its loud enough I’ll distract myself and not think about how tired I am. They’re playing all my favorite songs, you know those songs you play on repeat until you get tired of them. My phone rings as notifications fill my screen. I see may mom sent me a text telling me to let her know where I am when I get the chance. It’s fine I’m only a few minutes away from home. The other messages are from our group chat. It’s probably not that important, more notifications fill my screen. Let me just see what they’re talking about it will only take one second, not even a second. I grab my phone, glance at it and begin to send a message. My phone slips due to grease on my fingers from my fries. CRAP! I glance down. I am startled by a bright light and a blaring horn getting older and louder as the light gets brighter and brighter. It felt like an eternity as I felt every inch of me move along with the motion of my car moving forward and backwards. The feeling of pressure against my chest as my seat belt holds my body back against my seat. The deafening sound of wheels screeching against the pavement. Then a flash of white consuming me followed by darkness. It felt as if time was passing slowly. Did I even scream? I never thought it would happen to me. I’ve seen the PSA’s, I know the consequences but I’ve been driving for a while, I’m a responsible driver. I’m not someone who can get into an accident. I never thought about how my life would change forever, how it would affect my family. I didn’t know I was one message away from changing two lives, two different families. It’s not worth it. If I could rewind time I would make the right choices. I wouldn’t have let myself get distracted. I wouldn’t have let myself belittle my life and someone else’s. Don’t make the same mistakes. Don’t be another statistic. Don’t get distracted, stay focused, keep the road safe.