Desiree E

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Shattered glass, broken windshield, empty car. It was May 2001, and Adam was driving home from a college party when he forgot to fasten his own seatbelt. Struck by a car and thrown to an electric post where he was launched from his car. Adam was just nineteen years old with a bright future ahead of him. The constant dangers and precautions to take while driving did not cross his mind. He wanted to be a musician. These dreams exploded the way the front windshield did. In front of his eyes, now gone forever. I was born one month later, and all of my life I have heard stories of my aunts blessing, Adam. “He was a wonderful child”, she said. “Was”. Past tense. I will never get to meet my cousin, the one with so much heart and passion for those he loved. A childhood filled with fear of driving was something I endured. Endlessly lectured by my family to be careful on the road. Now that I am just beginning to turn that key of my first car, I think of Adam.