Brianna S

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Everyone is always so busy. Friends to meet, places to see, things to do… So the thought of putting a phone down is insane, Because god forbid Shane, who Just liked your Insta, Tweet, and Snap, To go without a like back. But is the like worth a life? Is a text really worth the hype? We always act so busy, but is saving time what’s really right? Can we not just take a second? A second just to say, Yes, I just got a notification, But I’m choosing to let it wait. I hear that reckless is the new teen, That crazy is the new sane, Sure, society says so, But won’t you be the one to pay? Maybe you laugh at that, That’s what movies are for… Well, here’s a movie for you: In 2017 there was more Than 300 teens who said the same as you, And are paying for their crimes now, In a square room two by two. So go ahead laugh it up, You still believe this is just a joke? Imagine your family or loved one, Never making it home. Watch before you put that bottle to your mouth. Watch before you let someone drunk drive up south. You think in your head that this could never happen Just do the necessary actions to make sure that it doesn’t. Don’t become another statistic because you want to play games, Don’t tear apart a family when a drunk drives and you stay. Don’t ruin someone’s life because your boyfriend hit you up, Don’t participate in reckless driving because you want to look tough. I am hoping that whoever reads this doesn’t just shrug it off… That you realize life is important and answering a Snap is not enough of cost. As you say that it’ll never happen to me, Imagine of you were the one that lying in the road bleeding. You followed the rules, looked both ways, yielded traffic first.. So how is it that you managed to get hit by a truck? Life’s not fair if people can’t play by the rules. Teenagers are no exception, so don’t break them just to look cool. Sure you may look good then, but think about it later, Who’d want to be friends with a killer and safety-hater? So next time when your phone lights up beside you as the driver, Tell yourself that you won’t die, and that now no else will either.