Everything Comes With A Price

Kylie L



In my poster, the scale represents a distracted driver weighing her phone as more important than a person’s life. Because the driver chose to answer a text, the scale tips towards the left where two children mourn the loss of their father who was killed by the distracted driver. I created this poster with the intent of prompting viewers to reconsider the importance of answering a call or texting someone back while driving when a single action can cause such great harm. The victims are not just those who died; the victims’ families and friends are also impacted by these decisions. My question, “Was it worth it?”, is intended to prompt viewers to reflect on their past actions and understand the damage they can cause. A decision made in a second can be the same second a person dies. I hope this poster helps viewers understand the seriousness of distracted driving and prevent any future accidents on the road. Drivers who make bad decisions on the road affect not only themselves, but other drivers around them as well as loved ones. Everything comes with a price. And some things are not worth it. I’d rather wait to answer a call or text a message instead of possibly hurting myself and others. I wish for drivers to proceed on the road safely and considerately. Dead drivers don’t understand the impact their decisions had. But we, living people, can learn from their mistakes. Life is precious. Everybody deserves to live a long, joyful life.


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