Listen to your instincts

Gracie M

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Hey you. You there in the car. You know, the car that flipped over in the 10 minutes. Remember, that semi that you didn’t see because you were trying to text your best friend where to meet up in a hour so she’d get ready. You had to text your boyfriend to tell him what movie you guys were going to watch tonight. Had to play the new lady gaga song you forgot the seatbelt as well. All those actions that you did were reckless, stupid, unaware, and most importantly not cautious. You could of killed someone, you could of killed yourself. Yes this is a bit extreme but it’s true. Your boyfriend would have been up all night worrying about you your friend no clue where you are and your family stressing over you not being back. This is all reckless thinking. Texting and driving is the most dangerous activity anyone can think of. I’m just glad your ok. Your life is far too precious and I will say this. If it happens again no one will be there no one will help you learned your lesson but went back and did it again. I know it was a accident and you’re sorry just please don’t do it again it hurts me. …………. Hey you again you listened to my advice and tried to be careful but still managed to text your friend. Sure nothing happened but that doesn’t mean something will happen. Life is full of surprises some good and some bad. It’s up to you to decide which surprise you want. Take my advice… please. ……………………… When will I be able to make you understand your life is at risk. You have a bright future ahead of you why waste it by being careless. Just because you stopped doesn’t mean someone else can be in the way of you. Other people just like you are doing the very same thing as you, not being careful. Here the advice this is my last warning. ……… I’m sorry but this the end you had three chances one too many. You had a choice and decide to unfollow it. (Everyone in the world needs to know this message as it teaches you life lessons. The same thing can happen to you as it did to the person in the story. So please I’m begging you please for me don’t text and drive!)