The Last Time

Lauren H

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They’ve been friends forever, going on 17 years. Both going into there senior year of high school and every weekend meeting at the same place, same time to have coffee and do their homework. It was Wednesday during lunch when they had gotten into an argument. They fought the whole time, both saying things they regret. They ignored each other Thursday but Friday talked briefly to decide whether they would still go out for coffee. The friends both agreed quickly and turned angrily from each other. Saturday morning Martha was on her way to the coffee shop and texted Jaime to see if she was still going. Martha got there at 9, the time they always do. When she walked in she expected to see Jaime sitting in the same seat, but she wasn’t there. She looked at her phone to see if Jaime had seen the text or responded. Martha was getting aggravated because she had “read” the text but never responded. 9:15 and Jaime still wasn’t there. She called Jaime’s phone, but no answer. it was getting close to 9:30 and Martha texted Jaime apologetically to see if she would answer, “I’m sorry that I went after that guy, it was the biggest mistake of my life because I miss our fun car rides in the morning and at lunch, I miss hanging out with you, I miss not being able to talk to you, even though it’s only been two days, that’s all I can take not being with my bestie. So please come to the shop, I miss my best friend”. Again the text went unread. Martha sat there for another 45 minutes before deciding to finally leave. She couldn’t figure out how to feel, if she was upset about the argument, the fact she didn’t show up or read her texts, or sad she couldn’t get Jaime to talk to her. On the way home she she drove by way of Jaime’s house to see if she was home, but before she could even drive a mile from the coffee shop she saw the flashing red and blue lights and began to slow down to go around the accident. As she passed the scene she looked out her right window and saw a white car smashed into a guard rail on the highway, she started to think of Jaime because she has a white car. Then she started to panic a little more when she noticed it was the same type of car, she slowed down even more. Towards the front of the scene she saw a woman crying, it was Jaime’s mother. Martha pulled over and ran quickly to Jaime’s mom asking, “is it Jaime?!?”. Martha had tears in her eyes and as Jaime’s mom began to shake her head yes. Martha dropped to her knees. Jaime’s mother got on her knees, hugging Martha, both sobbing. The officer hesitantly walked over. Martha and Jaime’s mom saw him and got to their feet. Jaime’s mother asked the officer what had happened with her eyes full of tears. The officer responded with “we think Jaime was driving distracted because when the officers got to the car her phone was left on her text messages. The person that had called 911 said there were no other cars around when the accident occurred”. At that point Martha broke down in tears uncontrollably, thinking if she had just waited 5 more minutes she would have seen her best friend again, they would have worked things out, but I didn’t and the consequences will last me a lifetime.