Matthew H

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When you drive down the road, whether you know it or not, you bring someone with you. He is very polite, and very patient. When you climb in the driver’s seat, he hops in right next to you and buckles in for the ride. Patiently he watches you pick up your phone, who could it be? Best friend? Mom? Girlfriend? Who knows, you set it down, and as your eyes return to the road so do his. Later, when you stop to pick up your friend, the unseen passenger moves to the back seat and watches them climb in, talking loudly. He listens in on your conversation, not adding in, just listening, quietly, and patiently. Your favorite song comes on the radio, he smiles as your friend turns the volume up. As you and your buddy jam out to whatever song is pouring through the speakers, he smiles, then grins, and joins in on the fun time. His patience has paid off, he sees the red light, the speeding traffic ahead, the driver too distracted to realize. Patience has paid off, he is death, and he will claim two tonight.