Olivia Rose

Hailey N

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March 6th, 2018. At 17 years old your life came to an end at the screech of car breaks. The dead silence in the school hallways the next day is a deafening sound I will never forget. Confusion and pain flooded out through the classrooms as we realized we’d never see your smiling face again. One yellow light, he could not bare to wait for the next green. Your car tumbled across the freeway, shrapnel littered across the ground You couldn’t be saved. Tears still stream my cheeks as I type on my keyboard. I remember putting a balloon in the ground in the weeks after; for you. The air was cold, but not as cold and the hollow in my heart your loss left me. This pain is a reality for all from a small town in Illinois and it will never cease. We needed a rose like you. Thoughts race through my mind; why couldn’t he just wait for the next light. The sacrifice you were forced to make saved several lives through organ donations. They will live on because of your bravery. But how can we live on without you? Olivia Rose We will never forget you. The next time anyone reading this hits a yellow light. Please slow down. It can wait. No life is worth getting to your destination even one minute earlier.