Eyes on the road… please……

Nicolas G

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You get distracted while driving? You could kill someone. You don’t keep your eyes on the road? You could hurt, somebody’s child, mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, cousin, grandmother, grandfather. This is what happened when you, the school bus driver, failed to stop at the red light and ran into my mother’s car. You hurt my mother, my dad’s wife, my future children’s grandmother, my aunt’s sister, my uncle’s sister… You saddened that many people. For you, it was just an accident. For my family, it was the most emotional day of our lives. Not knowing that the one person we love so much could have died on that day is the most frightful experience one person can have. If my mother had died of her injury, today, I would be writing this a different way, because I would no longer have a mother. I would have lost half of my support system. My father would be lost and confused. My future children would not have a grandmother to love and spoil them. My aunt would have to quit her job to come and take care of me and my siblings. Our lives would no longer be the same. All because you did not keep your eyes on the road. What were you thinking? Were you texting while driving? What about the 32 children that were on your bus? Did you even think that you could have hurt them too? Did you even think for a moment about the many families you would have affected if those children got hurt? Were you at all thinking? I hope this accident has taught you a good lesson. My mom is feeling better now, but it’s been a real difficult 18 months for her and my family. You probably don’t even think anymore about what happened, but I hope that you had plenty of time to reflect on your actions. Please keep your eyes on the road and don’t hurt our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents. We love them all very much….