We are not born this way

Adrian G

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Picture a child and her mother traveling at 80 miles per hour on a routine trip to the store when the young mind begins to question her mother’s actions. Mom what are you looking at? Nothing child do not bother me I am busy can’t you see that my eyelashes are crooked I can’t go to the store looking like this! Mom, who are you making a phone call to now? None of your concern child this is grown up talk and you are not at my age yet so hush! Mom is this a safe way to drive regularly? Oh child I have never been in accident in all my years so that must make me a perfect driver by now. Conversations between children and parents regarding driving do not go unforgotten especially when they see their mother or father continuously undermine their child’s safety. It is no secret that every child is influenced heavily by their parents actions and driving habits are not exception. As teenagers blossom into beginner drivers their ability to make correct decisions dwindles and with their parent’s actions to use for reference the probability for awful judgment behind the wheel skyrockets. Though parents may fall short when it comes to teaching proper driving mechanics along with maintaining full attention to the road, there are ways teenagers can overcome the seemingly inherited trait of reckless driving. The most logical and substantially intuitive way to promote safe undistracted driving, is having parents set a good example regardless of the behaviors in the past done by parents as it is never too late to teach teenagers how to be safe. It is important that a child not only see’s the best in their parent when it comes to being behind the wheel but being taught to drive safe as well. As the actions of their parents will influence them to pick up on good habits that will resonate with them for the rest of their lives. It only takes one person to teach them how to be safe and they will cherish it for the rest of their lives because they are the reason they would be alive in the first place. For that reason I feel that parents are the key to having safe and focused drivers for years to come.