It doesn’t just risk your life; it also risks everyone else’s life too

Kelsey W

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Do you think texting and driving makes you look cool and that one Snapchat can’t wait until you are done driving? No, it doesn’t make you look cool and one text can wait if it means you get to be alive one more day. I know about all of the student’s needs and wants when it comes to being a high school student. The needs to most of the students are having the newest electronic device. Whether it is the Apple Watch or IPhone, it has to be the “coolest”. Many of my classmates having been too busy looking at their phone during stoplights too drive when the light turns green. At my high school we recently had a mother drive right into somebody’s back bumper when she was texting and driving. What if a kid happen to have been walking right in between those two cars at that exact moment? He/she could have gotten very hurt. Our parents are not setting good examples for the younger generations by texting and driving with them in the car. Doing that doesn’t just risk your life; it also risks everyone else’s life too. About 4,000 teens lose their lives in crashes each year. Some newer smartphones and also newer cars have safety features for teens that can turn their cellphone off, limit the volume on the radio, and also limit how fast you go. Those features need to be used more often to ensure the safety of the kids today and the kids of our future. Everyone whether you are a teen or an adult ask yourself, is it worth the risk? No matter who you are, you will be missed dearly if you decide to take the risk.