Your phone can wait

Shae C

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Gone in an instant, gone in a flash all because a text I sent caused me to crash. Mom is upset, dad is in shock, What will they do with a sheep gone from their flock? I definitely could have waited, I didn’t even try. My best friend even stated, “I know you’re driving, please don’t reply” Now look what I have done, This mess that I have made. Life I have not won, my family and friends I have betrayed. As my airbags began to deploy, I thought my life was just a toy. Looking down to my phone at a pretty girl, has made my head spin into a whirl. I crashed into another teen, by simply looking down at my bright phone screen. This is a message that I need to say Think before you use your phone and learn when you need to stay away. That text is not important, that text can wait. Put your phone down and concentrate. To not look at my screen is how I strive to stay alive and not text and drive.