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It’s Friday! School bell just rang! Running to the car, cramming half a dozen friends inside and rolling all four windows down. Cranking up the radio so the 3 neighboring counties can hear the latest song craze register 8.6 on the Richter scale and its residents can soak up the magical sounds and sights of teenage superstars exhibiting their vocal and dance talents all from a 4 wheeled mobile stage. There is so much that needs to be done before the first cleat hits the turf for Friday Night Lights! Starting with the mad dash to the local drive-thru, which eerily resembles the 62-mile Beijing-Tibet Expressway traffic jam of 2010 that lasted 12 days, followed by the 2 or 9 laps down Main Street so that everyone is sure to see the mobile talent unit live just “one more time”…not that they haven’t seen it from all of the social media posts and live feeds that have been made in the last 20 minutes, but nonetheless, still a necessity. Then off to one of 7 houses to change and get ready. Then it’s back into the mobile talent unit to go grab a quick bite to eat. This event calls for mass notification to ensure everyone knows exactly where to go and when to be there. So in the true spirit providing solid, clear-cut, unquestionable information, every member of the group must individually post, text, and live feed the information. After all, there can be no room for error from only allowing one NON-driving person to relay the details. And, of course, all of this notifying HAS to be done while on the way, because time is of the essence. Remember, there’s a game to get to. And those are only some of the distractions. In the scenario above, everything listed only involved ONE driver, the members of that ONE vehicle and only a small portion of the chaos that could have been happening. In reality, there’s so much more. The dancing around, spilling a drink and screaming ensues. Everyone jumps around to avoid getting colored drink on their clothes. 50 other teenagers on the road at the same time doing the exact same thing. The drivers of every other vehicle trying to text, post on social media, deal with the loud noises, wave at all of their passing friends, carry on conversations, take sips of their drink, pull napkins out of the glove compartment for the spilled drink, stare a little too long at the cute driver of the passing car, the list goes on and on. Some cities are already putting laws in place to aid in the reduction of distracted driving by enforcing fines for anyone caught using a mobile device while driving. But this isn’t enough. With the ever-turning technological advancements being made, there has to be a way for a mobile device to detect a rate of speed consistent with a moving vehicle. Mobile GPS devices display the vehicle’s speed, so it’s detecting speed somehow. Why not look into developing technology within the device that locks the use of the keyboard and touchscreen altogether if the GPS picks up that the speed of the vehicle is above 10mph? Develop a system that turns on automatically when the GPS senses a speed of 11mph and above and it automatically disables any type of use of the screen, keyboard, or video capabilities of the phone. This may not prevent hands free texting capabilities and feeds, but it seems it would be a viable solution for drastically cutting down on distracted driving accidents and problems.