one minute only

Daniela S

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A lot can happen in only one minute. A video of you are your friends drinking Starbucks, A Snapchat of you on the road, showing off your freedom behind the wheel. You’re living on the edge or life and death. Not only for you, but for everyone else. The mother and daughter walking home from a day at the park, Or the elderly couple crossing the street from a walk in the park, Or the man driving home from work after kissing his wife and kids goodbye in the morning, not knowing if he’ll be back safely in time for dinner. It’s not an exaggeration. It could be anyone to be affected by your need of saving a “streak”. This is why you should ask yourself: was it worth it? Eagerly waiting at the DMV for your turn to show what you’re capable of doing behind the wheel? Was it worth leaving in the morning after promising you’ll follow the rules and come back safely Was it worth your parents saving each penny to buy the car of your dreams? Was it worth trading one minute of a snapchat, to the nine months mom took to form your body that she so tenderly cared for and the sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, years of raising you to be the best you can? Was it worth having a police officer knock on your door to inform you had just been in an accident. Was it all worth it then?