Little Did I Know

Angela I


I opened my eyes. It was only a dream. It had to be, right? I would never do that! I would never be that careless……right? I wish it had only been a bad dream. A few moments ago I was driving down the road to my childhood home. I had driven the road a thousands times and knew the unspoken speed limit was 5-10 miles per hour higher than the posted speed limit. I also knew that police officers rarely came down this road and even fewer were looking for speeders. I hadn’t lived at home for four years now, but I could still drive the road with my eyes closed. Since I was home from college that weekend I was planning a meet up with my home crew like I always did. Most were in schools of their own and most of them were friends that I could rely on for anything. I was expecting a call from my best friend confirming plans to catch up, but she texted instead saying that she wouldn’t be in town. I knew that she wanted to be there as bad as I wanted her to be there. So i decided to text her to show her that she would be missed, but we’d just find a better time to cross paths. I had typed “Sad day! Maybe next time?” when I checked the road to see a kid riding a bike down the road. He didn’t see me coming, but I was heading right for his back tire. I closed my eyes in fear and swerved. I should have braked…… I should have been paying attention….. I shouldn’t have been texting…… I wish it had only been a bad dream


This is a short story that showcases what distracted driving can do. Most people only think they are endangering themselves by texting and driving, so they are okay with the risks. Sadly their choices effect more than just them. Every fellow driver, pedestrian, passenger, and family member of those people could be forever changed by a few seconds on your phone. Not to mention the guilt that you will have to face when someone else gets hurt. Our choices have a lasting impact on everyone around us, we just don’t always realize it.