Little Did I Know

Angela I

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I opened my eyes. It was only a dream. It had to be, right? I would never do that! I would never be that careless……right? I wish it had only been a bad dream. A few moments ago I was driving down the road to my childhood home. I had driven the road a thousands times and knew the unspoken speed limit was 5-10 miles per hour higher than the posted speed limit. I also knew that police officers rarely came down this road and even fewer were looking for speeders. I hadn’t lived at home for four years now, but I could still drive the road with my eyes closed. Since I was home from college that weekend I was planning a meet up with my home crew like I always did. Most were in schools of their own and most of them were friends that I could rely on for anything. I was expecting a call from my best friend confirming plans to catch up, but she texted instead saying that she wouldn’t be in town. I knew that she wanted to be there as bad as I wanted her to be there. So i decided to text her to show her that she would be missed, but we’d just find a better time to cross paths. I had typed “Sad day! Maybe next time?” when I checked the road to see a kid riding a bike down the road. He didn’t see me coming, but I was heading right for his back tire. I closed my eyes in fear and swerved. I should have braked…… I should have been paying attention….. I shouldn’t have been texting…… I wish it had only been a bad dream