Jessica V

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The story starts off with Alex, a junior in high school, who had just gotten his driver’s license. He sat in his car, stoked to be driving on his own for the first time. It was prom night and he was taking Annie, his first grade crush. He wanted everything to go right from the slow dance to his hair staying in one position the whole night. It was 5:49PM and he only had one hour to get ready before he had to pick Annie up to go on a date before they head to prom. It is now 7:30PM and he was running late. He got into his car, carefully so that he wouldn’t crease his tuxedo. He took a deep breath and pulled out a box of Altoids and ate 3. On his way to Annie’s house, Alex practiced what he was going to say to her. 2 miles east of Alex, there is a couple in their early 30s. They have just gotten discharged from the hospital. The wife, Katherine, gave birth to their first baby boy the previous night. Katherine and her husband, Brandon, held hands the entire ride home as she sat in the back seat, admiring their little work of art. They had a whole future ahead of them. Their son would grow up to be a football player, just like his dad and perhaps go to his own prom one day too with a beautiful girl that he’d one day marry. They lived just 3 houses down from Annie’s. Alex, still nervous to his core, texted his friends for advice on how to meticulously talk to girls, specifically Annie. Liam, his friend ever since Kindergarten said, “Try to get to 3rd base..”, hopefully as a joke Alex thought. Unaware, Alex had ran through a stop sign and was going 10 miles passed the speed limit. But, he was just a block away from Annie’s house. He was going to text her that he almost outside of her house, but before he could do so, he slammed into a car that was turning right into his lane. His heart began to race as he began to gain consciousness. He saw the car ahead of him, completely in smoke and demolished from the side. He tried to push his body out of his car, but nothing seemed to work. He heard an ambulance, maybe a couple. He laid his head back and waited. A fireman managed to widen the gap between the door and the car, just enough to get Alex through. He was lifted onto a stretcher and saw Katherine being resuscitated as another fireman held what looked to be like a baby in his arms. “Both individuals are unresponsive.”, said the fireman. His entire heart sank. He had killed a baby, just 13 hours old and the mother. He felt like everything was proceeding in slow motion. In the distance, he heard a manly scream. It was Brandon. Brandon’s heart was in a million pieces. Because of Alex, Brandon would have to live his life without the people he valued the most. He envisioned an entire life with them. They were the only two things going good in his life and it was gone in just a split second over a text. Don’t risk the lives of innocent people just because you can’t wait a split second to reply to a single text or look through your social media. Life is short and to others, they’re shorter.