One Year Ago

Rara W

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I wake up at 6:00 to get ready for school. I never really want to wake up, but I set an alarm so Buggie can come into my room and lick me awake. He’s probably the only reason why I want to wake up in the morning, ugh now school I guess. I walk thirty minutes to school every morning, its really nice to see the sunrise, and have the morning mist accompany me on the way to school. I avoid busy streets and take the longer, local route. I don’t feel excited by school anymore, I just go through it. After school, I hit against the wall with my tennis racket, I love tennis, I used to be number one on the team, now I’m satisfied with hitting against the wall after school. Then at 6:30, I walk thirty minutes home, with the sunset and glowing colors to light my way. I look both ways, cross the street, and I’m home! I sit with Buggie, and I just sit there, eventually I go to sleep, and I’m up at 6:00 again, to follow my same routine I have since a year ago. I have a car, I have a driver’s license, but I haven’t touched either of them since a year ago. I used to drive to school, that hour walk I take everyday used to be ten minutes in my car. I used to drive to clear my head, to hang with friends, to get food, or just to hang out with my sister somewhere. We were best friends….i miss her a lot. The last time I drove was last September. I had just finished tennis, and she finished her club, I drove us to get food. We drove out of school, into the main street, and drove. We passed the green light at Lincoln street and then everything went black. On that day, a loving wife texted her husband saying she was going to be home soon, she didn’t see the red light, and hit my sister who was in the passenger seat of the car. On that day, I lost my sister who loved the sky, I lost my sister who wanted to explore the world, I lost my sister. Her age? Her name? Now she is, “RIP, loving sister and daughter”, and 2017 Texting and Driving Statistic.