Reckless Driving. Is It Worth It?

Jakera B

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I get it. You know texting and driving is wrong, but you make an exception for yourself because you know that “nothing will happen to me”, but do you know that for sure? You know that you won’t end up in a car wreck, you “know” that you won’t end up being one of those teens who end up dead because of replying to a simple text message while driving, and you “know” that you’re a pro at texting and driving. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t know a thing. How do you know for sure that you won’t suffer a major consequence for a simple mistake that you made? Anything can happen, you know. I personally believe that we should start really taking the time and effort out of our lives to educate each other on the topic of reckless and distracted driving, and when I say “each other”, I mean us teens. Hearing it from adults can be kind of a drag and we most likely will end up not listening and paying attention because of the belief that the adults are just “nagging” at us. However, if we start communicating and educating each other as teens on this issue, we could be able to make a huge difference in the U.S.