Life Is Not a Game

Karen P



The Following entry promotes awareness to the fragility of life, and the lack of conciousness towards our own welfare in the obsession with technology. We may not usually think, or consider the shortcoming amount of second opportunities that life gives to us; there is no “tap to continue” or restart button for a death that ourselves had caused, as it is implied in the poster. We have created of driving distracted a bigger issue as individuals develop a common belief that nothing could happen to us, that we have to keep connected to our phones all day to mantain our high living standard. Aforementioned fixation it is also suggested as the injured hand keeps holding the phone even when diying; yet, equally to the phone screen’ message, the consequences of the action can become irreversible, such that no phone can irrevocate, and no regret. Ultimately no phone game, no text message, or social media is worth one minute for a crude regret, and the life of one or more affected human beings.