Alyssa N

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Lacey’s eyes opened up wide. She gasped for breath as she lifted her upper body. Her fingers clenching on her silk sheets, reassured her she was in the comfort of her own bed, after the nightmare she just experienced. She quickly stood up in panic as her 5th alarm rang and sprinted to the bathroom to begin her makeup. *Buzz Buzz -“Hey Girl! Are you ready for 2day? -Had a rough night but, hell yeah! Hopefully he’ll ask me today 🙂 -He has to! He’s telling his friends that he wants to escape the friendzone. -I hope so! See you soon. After rushing to get the perfect beach curls and nearly burning the top skin layer of her ear with her curling iron. Lacey grabbed the red-curve-hugging dress, she had picked out the night before and carefully pulled it down from her head, without smudging her artwork she had just spent an hour perfecting. “Love you mom and dad!” She shouted as she swung the front door open. Pencils, a shoe and an apple from her lunch bag were all falling through her arms as she paced her way to her car. After slamming the car door shut, she placed her phone in the cup holder, and threw her backpack in the back seat, Lacey quickly started the engine. You could hear her tires screech, as she violently made a sharp right turn on the neighbourhood road, towards her school. *Buzz Buzz -Lacey, where are you!? Ashton is waiting in the quad with roses! -Running late! I’ll be there in 10. – Hurry! Anticipation rushed through Lacey’s body, which traveled to her foot on the gas paddle as she accelerated down Lincoln Ave. Her excitement grew stronger when the last light quickly approached. *Buzz Buzz Lacey kept her left hand on the steering wheel as her right hand inputted the password to her phone. Looking down to her lap, Lacey’s world went black as her seatbelt locked into place as her body jerked violently. Her body lay on her side as well as her car. The passenger door looked as if Hulk had punched it, indenting so far, nearly touching Lacey’s body. Lacey slowly opened her eyes, thinking she was still in that bad dream she had the night before. Struggling to turn her head, she looked through the shattered glass with blurred vision and could see the last light pole before her school. It was still beaming bright red, as cars horizontal to her were trying to go around the accident they just witnessed. Her red curve-hugging dress turned burgundy, as the blood from her head made its way to the fabric. Her beach curls gained specks of glass as well as the artwork she delicately crafted. Her car looked as if it were a crumpled up soda can. Suddenly the world went silent. Breaths turned harmful and slow as ribs were shattered. Her tan complexion quickly turned pale as her pulse grew weaker. *Buzz Buzz -Lacey, where are you!? Ashton is getting impatient. -Are you okay? -Helloooooo -Please answer your phone. -Please come back. This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have rushed you that morning. -Just attended your funeral. I comforted your parents as much as I could. I’m so sorry.. -I miss you so much. -Error 332323- The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service. Data rates may apply.