The Solution to Distracted Driving

Owen W

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The Solution to Distracted Driving By: Owen Williams There is an undeniable stigma surrounding the widespread epidemic of distracted driving. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of accidents caused by reckless behavior behind the wheel has continued to skyrocket even as awareness has spread. So what’s the solution to such a dangerous habit that continues to persist despite all attempts to put it to rest? Simple. The elimination of the distractions that cause teens and a number of adults to tear their eyes away from the road and onto their devices is the only foolproof way to solve the distracted driving issue. What’s not so simple? Restricting access to these attention-grabbing devices everyone has in their pockets. There are multiple ways, however, to make this temptation less attractive, and it begins in the home. Every individual is molded and formed by the environment in which they lived while maturing into adulthood. The parents, guardians, or an older person in charge play a key role in monitoring how the child spends their time, as well as guiding them to make the correct decisions. This is of the utmost importance when it comes time to test for their license or driving permit, as the bad habits they may start with will certainly persist unless corrected by an authority figure. This is why it falls on the family to set healthy boundaries with time spent on electronics so that the child is focused on the road before them instead of that incessant vibration within their pocket. Doing this could have a massive impact on the way teenagers and newer drivers approach the driver’s seat when they first hit the road. The life-altering consequences of driving while distracted are talked about so often that their meaning has become watered down and less significant. In order to make the decision to put the device away and focus instead on the road ahead, one must fully understand the impact a car crash can have on the life of the driver and the people around them. Due to the number of accidents occurring today, most people know or know of someone who has been in a situation where a distracted driver was involved in causing a crash. Death and injury are serious things that must not be taken lightly if teens are to eliminate the issue of unfocused driving. Therefore, the potential side effects of driving while unaware of your surroundings should be clearly communicated to young individuals and old alike, to further decrease the volume of distracted drivers on the road today. It takes self-control and awareness of others in order to make the correct decisions that keep oneself and the people around you safe from bodily and emotional harm. It is then imperative that discipline is taught both within the home and by oneself so that the temptations caused by easy access to digital content are no longer present when in the driver’s seat. Working together, we can create a society that frowns upon driving while distracted so that we can make our communities safer places to live and drive, the way they are intended to be.