Avian T

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Do I have your attention now? My bright screen grabs your eyes. Eyes still wide with wonder and hope for the world, but alas I am all you can see right now. You say that you are careful. That’s what everybody says. I’ll only look for a minute you think, just a peak. Maybe it was your mother, you texted her you were on your way. Maybe it was your brother, he was asking for help with math. Maybe it was your friend, she needed your advice. Maybe it was your boyfriend, he wanted to tell you he loved you. Maybe it was my fault. I told you that you needed to see me. Maybe it was your fault. You couldn’t wait any longer. Who’s to blame, and who’s to say? It doesn’t really matter now. The world has gone black, and now your eyes have faded, but I am still here. Do I have your attention now?