Stuck behind a screen

Lorene C

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The future is coming. And there’s nothing you can do about it. *Snap* Just like that. You’re stuck. You’re stuck behind a screen. You’re nothing without that light shining palely on your flushed red skin. You’re nothing without those grumbles of your stomach because you haven’t left that chair in forever, not even to eat. Your family says to go out more, so you pack up your laptop and purchase a hotspot. “Yea mom, I’m outside.” Your dog stares sadly at you from the end of your bed, begging “Walk me, pet me, take me outside. You might not be hungry, but I am.” But no, you’re too fed up with the way your fingers glide across that screen. And the way that one selfie angle really catches every inch of your “Good side” You used to be afraid storms, but you have your earbuds in, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Now you’re afraid of going on vacation, because “Daaaaad, but that plane ride is 6 whole hours without social media, can’t we purchase the wifi package?” You just want for Jacob to text you back, but… he’s sitting right across the room, why can’t you just go talk to him? Oh, that’s right, because you have more control over your words when you type them… But do you have any control over your life? Your eyes are shot, your stomach bony, your legs weak, your hair matted, your skin pale, your throat dry, your head achy, your fingers cramped, but hey, at least your favorite snapchat filter hides all of that… right? They say there’s worse to come, but you don’t see that. There’ll be flying cars! And phones you can wear just on your arms! There’ll be a technology that just takes your thoughts and turns it to speech, just like talk to text, but you don’t have to say anything! But is that really what you want? Do you want to forget your own voice, just like you’re making your dog do? Do you want to miss the opportunity to go visit beautiful places? Do you want to be balled up inside all the time? The future is coming. But your past misses you… And maybe, you’d be right to assume that your present misses your past too…