No More

Maurice Y

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Wow, this is not alright. How’d I end up on the unconscious side of life? No more ridin’ trikes, bikes, no more traffic lights No more texting Bobby, seeing if question 5 is right. It was a sudden end, I didn’t have enough time to scream Crossing the street, trying to buy some ice cream Barely got to live, expired in 2019 All because instead of the road, you pay attention to the screen. Skid marks, shattered glass, gasoline odor Now I’ll never see my daughter when she gets older, No more working out, then coming home to step on toy Yodas No more financial planning to buy my son a Toyota. I’m driving by myself listening to the classics, shuck and jive Never knew these were the last moments I’d be alive Inebriated man at the light hit me when I was turning right All because he made the choice to drink and drive. Driving fast, high speeds, it gives me chills Never knew my passion would bring me face to face with Uncle Bill. No more adrenaline packed adventures, no more cheap thrills No more speedometer treasures, no more steep hills. Idolized Evol Kneival got me a motorcycle necklace I played myself, no more waking up and cooking breakfast. Unintentional suicide, now I’m walking headless All because I’m addicted to driving wreckless.