One Look

Havanna G

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James: That day was one that truly changed my outlook. I picked up my friends Emily, Michael, and Kim one night to go to a party. My friend Emily – who I was rather fond of – didn’t put hers on right away. One look, is all it took for me to see she didn’t put it on. Please put it on, I reminded her. I watched my father say the same thing dozens of times. I didn’t care if they teased me about being like my father, I refused to let them be unsafe in my car . As she rolled her eyes the sassy way I liked, she buckled her seat belt. After this we drove straight to the party. This party was like any other party. Music, crazy teenagers, and red solo cups. Emily: When James pulled up to my house I saw that Michael and Kim were picked up first. I sat down with the feeling of thrill I usually got before a party. James gave me one look and told me to put my seat belt on. I rolled my eyes and put it on. I don’t usually wear it. Nothing ever happens so why would it happen tonight? We arrive to the party and all is good. Just how I knew it would be. I hear the music and feel it in my chest. Michael: I’m sitting in James’s car between Emily and Kim. I hear James bug Emily about her seat belt and tell James not to be such a Dad. I don’t pay much attention to them I’m mostly quiet and on my phone. I message friends. I check snapchat. I scroll through instagram. From what I see on snapchat the party looks great. When we arrive I see in person the party is great! I grab a drink, take a seat on the couch, and continue to text a friend. Kim: I’m in the car looking out the window as we are driving to the party. Something doesn’t feel right. I feel anxious. Emily doesn’t put on her seat belt right away, why? They save lives. I continue to day dream until we arrive at the party. It seems like a normal party, but I can’t shake this feeling. I think to myself, am I getting sick? Soon the party came to an end and it was time to leave. Emily was talking to this guy Carl all night and wanted to spend a little more time with him. So she convinced Michael to drive Carl’s car around so her and Carl could talk in the back seats. James had his own car, it was late, he was tired, and he didn’t think joyriding at two thirty in the morning was a great idea. Kim agreed and still has anxiety. He took Kim home. They each went to sleep. One look at the news the next morning was all it took for their worlds to change. That night when Michael was driving Carl’s car, He made the decision to pick up his phone. The reasons are unknown, what is know is using a phone while driving is a distraction. This resulted in him losing control of the car because he took one look off the road. In the back seats were Carl and Emily. Emily made the choice not to wear her seat belt. She was not following safety guidelines. So when Michael lost control of the car, she went flying out of the car onto shattered broken glass that fell to the floor. As for Carl, he wore his seat belt but was in critical condition. That night Michael and Emily lost their lives and everyone else’s was changed forever. Carl: It happened so quickly and I am now paralyzed. I didn’t know how things changed so quickly. I learned in the future to remind everyone to wear their seat belt and not get distracted by technology, music, or girls. Kim: I watched the news and now I knew my intuition was right. I’m thankful I didn’t go on that joyride. I now suffer from depression and have nightmares from this event when I lost two of my close friends. James: I spend this morning crying when I found out about the accident on the news. If only I was there to be the safe driver or remind Emily to wear her seat belt. I now live with this feeling of ongoing guilt and regret. It takes one look for everything to change, Make the smart look. Look at the road, look to make sure everyone is buckled in, look at your bright future. One look at a distraction isn’t worth lives lost or negatively impacted.