Life is Worth More

Morgan C

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Distracted driving is dangerous. It happens to everyone. You’ll get a text and look down. I found this by chance and felt like this was a place to where I could tell my story about wrecking. I was distracted by being late for school. I was devastated and my car was ruined. I should probably start form the very beginning. Today was the day for my FBLA bake sale, and I was bringing cupcakes and cookies. I had all my cookies in one bag but they needed to be separated into individual bags. My brother was in the passenger seat so I had him start doing that. I live on a messed up back road and it can be dangerous at times. I was hurrying down the road to get to school on time. I was messing with my hat that i had one and found myself veering off the road. I quickly jerked my wheel to the right and over-corrected and spun out and had a pretty bad wreck. I messed up my car bad and luckily no one was hurt. We were fortunate to be in the only spot on that road that has signal and got help. I have learned from this experience and was lucky enough that my life wasn’t taken and that no one was hurt. I will continue to tell everyone I know that when you’re driving to stay focused on driving. I would never wish this experience on anyone. I am glad I learned this lesson. I’m just sad by the way I had to learn it.