is he really worth my loss

Isabelle H

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Is he worth my loss? She has a summer job. Actually she has three. She babysits for a teacher a couple times a week. She works the front desk at a couple pools. She works mornings at the local bakery. Today she worked a the bakery in the morning and has shift at the club pool in the afternoon. She isn’t tired. She is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. She isn’t talking on the phone. She Isn’t listening to the radio, it doesn’t even really work in the truck. Today she is texting. Her mom told her never, ever be on your phone while driving….don’t talk, don’t listen to music, don’t text. Usually she listens. But today they are fighting. Today his parents tell him, he’s too serious with her. Today he tells her he needs to take a break “his parents say”. She’s crying, she’s upset, she’s leaving to go to work. Her mom’s not home, so she just says good bye to her dad and sister and heads to work. She texts him why, she calls him crying, she’s very upset. She’s sixteen, is this how love hurts. How does she know? She’s so young. Her parents don’t fight. She isn’t mean. She doesn’t hurt peoples feelings. She loves with her whole heart, she just really loves the boy. She thinks it’s her fault. Something she’s done to make him want some time apart. She wants to make things better. She’s trying. She crying. She takes a turn way to fast and drives off the road, hits a telephone pole, and time stand stills. Is this it? Is this how if feels? It was her fault. It was her reckless behavior. Now they will be apart. Now he will have some space. Now it is everyone’s loss and no one to gain.