Have you counted the cost?

Matthew G

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Many say they have counted to cost. Although in our society today, our youth has become arrogant enough to say “it won’t happen to me”, and take no thought of the repercussions of their actions. Our society has made people feel they are invincible and numbed the reality that death is a very real thing that happens all around us. The youth agrees with the idea that texting and driving should not be allowed although they think they are the exception to the rule. If we can get our culture to start to look out for the well being of others then, the number of accident-related deaths in the United States will drop drastically. When people tend to do reckless things, they tend to be very focused on the moment and on themselves and don’t take into account the people surrounding them or the dangers that they are creating. No one ever wants to be the person responsible for a death, but yet they still want to take these unnecessary and poorly calculated risks. There needs to be a bigger penalty for texting and driving. Thanks, Matt Grant