The Dimension of Recklessness

Michael Z

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“Mom, are we almost there?” My daughter asks me. “We’ll be there soon. Don’t you worry.” I was running late again and I had to get my little girl to school on time. It has been really hard to stay focused when you work multiple jobs and there is no one there to help me. It is just me and my sweet heart now. As a continue to drive, all I can see is what is in front of me. My ears only hear cars that are near me. My peripherals fade away to a white fog as I am only focused on getting to the school on time. I hear a faint voice coming from the backseat but I ignore it. I can not make her late again. I snap out of it and hear, “Mom, is everything okay?” She was trying to talk to me this whole time. Where was I? It seemed like an alternate dimension where all I can see is straight. It looks like I am speeding through these cars. I look down and I see the speedometer is at 82 miles an hour in a 35 miles an hour area. I immediately slow down by pressing on the brakes lightly. The car is back to the correct speed I should be going. At a stoplight, my little daughter says, “Why weren’t you hearing what I was saying earlier?” Before I could answer, the light turns green. Peripherals fade to white and my hearing fades away. My little girl’s words are becoming nothing more than just a white noise. I am back in this world. I want to escape it but nothing seems to work. I see the school straight ahead and I press the accelerator as hard as I could to make it on time. We are about to make it, but straight ahead I see another car coming straight to me. I press on my brakes hoping it could stop it like an anchor stopping a boat but it was too late. We crashed head on. I start to gain my vision and bring myself back to normal to see what was happening. My eyes widen to see my daughter on the windshield bleeding from her head. I gently pick her up and I start to cry out her name. My tears filled my eyes and I see flashing lights of the ambulance. They take us out the car and my daughter is taken to the hospital. I see the other driver crying about her little boy. He has the same injuries as my little girl and I was feeling terrible. I felt this guilt inside me that was eating me up like a parasite. The cops asked us both questions and we both had the same responses. What we saw was only the front of us and the only thing we can hear was white noise. We were told that we were in the RDD, or the Reckless Driver Dimension. This dimension is only accessible when you drive recklessly and the only way out is to always listen to your child while driving and/or thinking about the consequences of driving crazy. My daughter and the little boy made it alive but they are scarred about the experience. My daughter does not want me to drive her anywhere anymore. She told me that during that experience, the radio talked about the spread of people going to the RDD and explained the side effects of going there are sometimes fatal. I write this as a warning to all people out there. Drive safely, think about your crazy driving and what it can cause, and stay away from RDD or something like this can happen to your family.