Chasing the Flame

Isabel H


Breaking through the sky I diminish the morning light and cast an illuminating glow on the city, seeming to be within reach. I constantly watch my partner vanish from view as I fill her place, to protect over her people, as she did moments ago. Laughter in the air quiets to cackles, for my presence only brings chaos. I know it’s my fault she keeps running away to fix my mistakes, and I only create more in my wake. Promising to her silently, I look upon the city below. One mechanical beast in particular catches my attention. Speeding down the back roads, two girls jam to their music. One touches her phone to blast the tunes higher. Their vehicle jumps into the sky, but it has no legs. One seems to be steering the beast, but I see no reins. Her fiery hair reminds me of my love whom I forever try to touch. Incoherent words fill the space around the girl. Although her meaning is utterly clear, she believes they’re free. Looking ahead, I see the back road break away. For my sun I try to warn the girls and wish somewhere along the back road a cop would come along. Ever slowly I keep circling, following my flame, but she breaks through as the morning dawn, and I can see her terror. Swerving, the vehicle bumps and slides. I didn’t get to see what happened to them in the end, but I only ask for forgiveness from the sun rising again. During long nights, I have seen the mechanical beasts toppling on back roads. If the universe in which I live could just grant my wish to bring cops along the back roads. Maybe, when I shed night on this patch of town again, it will come true, for me, the moon.


Someone I know, very well, told me about back roads and how there were never cops around. The one time she had ever seen a cop car was when they were chasing a criminal. I started thinking, what if there were cops? Then the speeding cars I saw would slow down, The people scrolling through their phones would come to a minimum. Their attention would be more focused on the road than jamming to their music. Over all, it made me figure everyone would be safer, and the chance of a crash would diminish. For these ideas to come to life, I wanted to make a story you would have the urge to read over again. To get a better understanding of the story but also have ability to plant these ideas in one’s head. That’s why I put the story in a different perspective, to show what you can’t see.