I Hold a Life in my Hand

Emily S


I hold a life in my hand My life I hold lives in my hands Who’s life? A father, A Son? I get to decide, every time I am behind that wheel I get to decide to take lives into my hands Who’s life? A Mother, A Daughter? If I choose to actively take lives into my hands Then what do I choose to do with those lives? Who’s life? A Grandmother, An Uncle? I can swerve and I can switch I can stop and I can accelerate And every time I do Those lives are in my hands Who’s life? A friend, An animal? So, do I accept the responsibility to actively keep those lives safe? By being attentive, accepting the responsibility and not being reckless Do YOU accept the responsibility? Because those lives are in my hands Those lives are in your hands So, when that wheel is also in your hands What will you do? Those lives are counting on me and you.


My entry is a poem that I wrote, describing the thought process of an individual, actively deciding to not drive recklessly on the road and wondering if the reader will do the same. If we actively decide to drive with safety, that can make the biggest difference.