Gideon P

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It was a calm evening night, just outside of Cassie’s hometown of Nashua Montana. She sat quietly in the passenger seat of her friend Krystal’s car, a twenty eighteen Prius C. The car was well kept, the white exterior shimmered as if it had just been rolled out of the the lot, and the interior was without any misplaced wrapper or stain of coffee. Cassie enjoyed ridding around with Krystal, she was a excellent friend, a cautious driver, and complete goof. They were driving down to Fort Peck, through Park Grove, to visit Cassie’s boyfriend where he lived. Cassie was nervous. Her boyfriend, Dave, and herself had recently gotten into an argument over some trivial thing she could not even remember. However she still was scared that there relationship was in jeopardy, and therefore was determined to resolve any past conflict between them. Krystal, being the great friend she was, had insisted that she drive Cassie over herself. As she thought about the past events Krystal spoke, “You alright?” “Yeah, I’m just tired I guess,” Cassie replied. “What are you gonna say to him?,” Krystal inquired. “I don’t know Chris. I love you, and all that stuff I guess,” Cassie spoke softly. “I’ll tell him off he dumps you,” Krystal laughed. At that moment Krystal’s phone began to ring from the cup holder. “That’s probably my little sister, she wanted to talk to me when she got back from her first after school game.” “She plays soccer right?” Cassie asked. “Yep,” Krystal popped the answer out of her mouth as she reached for the phone. as her fingers began to grasp it, Cassie’s mind felt something off. “You should let me get it while your driving,” Cassie insisted. “Oh come on, I’m sure the two of us can make it through one call without any trouble,” Krystal laughed. Then the world went silent. In that moment, Krystal eyes drifted to Cassie and she drifted into the opposing lane of the bridge over the Missouri River. A horn from and unseen vehicle, snapped Krystal into reality, causing her to swerve the Prius over. The next thing Cassie knew they had flow off the bridge into the water below. Almost suddenly the car began to be devoured by the surrounding waters, slowly submerging into the blue void. Cassie was panicking, struggling to reach over to her friend. Krystal was unresponsive, she sat slumped down in her seat, a large red gash across her head. The phone’s ring still sounded, but Cassie did not see it any more. She began to rip the seat belt off her, forcing her way over to her friend. She reached Krystal, then heard a cracking noise. She turned to see a large crack forming on the front window. Water trickled into the car, and the phone went silent. Cassie grabbed hold of her friend, sobbing as more and more ice cold water entered the vehicle. She felt the warmth from Krystal’s body slowly diminish, like a candle going out. One word escaped her shivering jaw as she fell into the blue abyss, “Why.”