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Alexis D

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If you ask a teenager if they pick up their phone while driving they would most likely respond with a flat quick “no.” It is very likely that this teenager is lying to you. Fifty two percent of teenagers will admit that they answer and make calls while driving. Thirty two percent admit that they text while they drive. How do we stop teenagers from texting while driving though? It’s not that teenagers aren’t informed. Teenagers know there is a law forbidding texting and driving, they have been shown pictures in drivers education of what happens when people text and drive, and they have heard that you can be charged with manslaughter if you kill someone while texting and driving. Telling a teen to not text and drive is like telling a puppy not to bite. It goes in one ear and out the other. A few months back my aunt told me about an app that blocks all incoming calls and texts. It’s called “AT&T DriveMode” You would think that I would have heard of it since I am a teenager that can drive and have many friends that can also drive. You would also think that I would have friends whose parents made them download this app, but no. Now, there are some parents who have an app called “life 360” which monitors where the child is going and what speed they are driving, but this app does not prohibit the most common and most dangerous thing that teenagers do in a car, texting while driving. If we have the very technology that can save lives and reduce accidents why are we not using it? We aren’t using it because not enough people are aware of it. In my opinion the best way to make it known is by making a law that forces all children under the age of 18 to install “AT&T DriveMode” app on their phone. Now deleting an app is one of the easiest things to do. So, how would we keep teenagers from deleting the app? When a child purchases their phone the person selling the phone would install the app. The app would not just be like an app you purchase from the App Store though. This app would be a preinstalled app that cannot be deleted (like the ones that are on your phone when you first get it). You might say that it will take a lot of work to pass this one law and it’s not worth it, but if you don’t think this law is worth it then you’re basically saying that the 5,000 people who die each year from texting and driving aren’t worth it. How would you feel if someone you were close to got killed because there was a reckless teenager who eas texting while driving. The technology to stop these disasters is at the tip of our fingers. All we have to do is take charge and show the country that there is a need for this.