The Cost of Reckless Driving

Gabriel P

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To fix the problem of reckless and distracted driving we have to address the problem in schools. In high school, students should be taught about good and bad driving behavior. Students need to have a strong emotional response to the material and a real incentive that benefit themselves so they can appeal to as many students as possible; encouraging more students to use safe behavior behind the wheel. High schools can implement this by first giving students an incentive that benefits only them to be better behind the wheel; like that insurance companies will give discounts if they can prove they are attentive and cautious drivers all the time. Then they should talk about the consequences of reckless and distracted driving. It is important to emphasize that they are only hurting others when they do it and that they could take somebody’s life away if they do something reckless. I would recommend they watch a video on texting and driving and how the person at fault took somebody’s life. They talk about how they cannot handle the guilt of taking an innocent person’s life on many of these videos. This will get a strong emotional response from most students and the students who do not respond to that will most likely respond to how driving responsibly can benefit them. That way schools are appealing to all kinds of students to practice operating a vehicle in a safe manner. Lastly, schools should teach students the most common dangerous driving habits and what they can replace them with to become better so that students can make the switch as soon as they leave the classroom and they have a foundation to start off of. If we teach students the benefits of safe driving, the consequences of being reckless, and how they can implement positive driving techniques, there is guaranteed to be better drivers on the road who can pass down their knowledge to the youth when they get behind the wheel.