Look Twice Save a Life

Caitlin E

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It is a normal Saturday afternoon and you are driving down the main street in your town, blasting your favorite music with your best friends in your 2012 off white Toyota Tacoma . Maybe going a little faster than the speed limit, but you always do that and nothing bad has ever happened from it. Coming up to a four way stop you have been driving through for years, and you know this intersection is always vacant, so you go. Not looking both ways for a small motorcycle on your right. Gasing it because it’s a game you and your friends always do carelessly, but suddenly you are slamming the brakes trying to stop but it’s too late. You have hit and most likely killed that motorcyclist because you didn’t look both ways because “it’s always vacant.” You and your friends have just witnessed this innocent cyclist go flying from their vehicle and their bike halfway under your car. You all rush out and all you see is red. The car that used to be while was now emerged with the red blood of the innocent person you have just killed. All you can do is cry and scream how could this happen, how could I have just killed this person? One mistake will forever change the course if your life. How can you live with the fact that you just killed this guy because of a “fun” car game. You are wishing you could just time travel back in time to prevent this horrible accident, but you can’t. You have just killed someone and there is nothing you can do about it. Driving is not a game, so don’t make it one. It is extremely dangerous and 1.3 million people die every year because of driving. You have just contributed to that number. Do not be a careless driver. Drive the speed limit, don’t try to race other cars, don’t text and drive, and make sure to look for motorcycles and both ways before going. It a matter of seconds before what seemed like the perfect life of only 18 years, suddenly spiraling down and leaving you with guilt for the rest of your life. Don’t live with the guilt of killing an innocent person make sure to always be a careful and cautious driver. Remember what if you were the one on the motorcycle, wouldn’t you want people to look out for you?