It Couldn’t Happen to Her

Autumn C

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Disoriented and shaking Everything was a blur There was swerving and breaking It couldn’t happen to her She had studied all night for the big exam Sleep and anxiety messed up her mind Recalling the last flow diagram The car and tree were intertwined Crumpled up like a paper ball She looked away once and bang Thrown around like a rag doll Too bad she was driving the gang Glass cut through Amy’s chest A bloodied Tyler in the rear view mirror Laura the driver had gotten the best For Liam’s heaving had gotten severer Nothing left of Clark since he was on the left The smell of iron and smoke mingle Too many lives taken such theft All Laura felt in her legs was a tingle She could have avoided this Not fill up the car to the brim Follow the speed limit in bliss The cell phone is not an essential limb Turn the music down to pay attention Driving is a privilege not a right Having fun is not the intention Always follow the traffic light Look before moving on the road Not everyone is driving with you in mind Please be patient when traffic is slowed Break the rules and you will be fined Awareness could have kept them secure Maybe this could have been prevented The Rules of the Road are not obscure Many lives should not have ended