It only takes a second

Jade R

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Growing up, I’ve always heard all these horror stories of people in my small time texting and driving. It takes about 4 seconds to read a text. It takes about 1 second to swerve into somebody else, or even go into the oncoming lane. Texting and driving is never okay, too many amazing souls have been put to rest from it. When I was only 10 years old, I remember hearing my older sister, Dani, screaming and crying because he friends choice to look at her phone took her away from the world. This can’t keep going on. We need to find a solution and I have a few. When getting into the car as soon as the phone feels itself moving, it should disable the screen. This would prevent many deaths. I also think every school should require a speaker whose had a person taken away from them from distracted driving come speak. Speakers who are passionate about a subject like this will have a way better impact on students than a three minute long video. The risk of losing your life over a text isn’t worth it. It only takes a second, it can wait.