It’s Your Choice

Jessica R

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When getting behind the wheel each day, You can’t assume it will just go your way. There are accidents, yes, but in the end it’s on you. You are held responsible and should know what to do. A text, a tweet, is it worth it in the end? Your so called “Mistake” could cost you a neighbor, a friend. One of 4000 to lose a life in a car crash each year- These are our teens, our loved ones, those we hold dear. One of 11 to die each day in a crash, Drugs and alcohol matter, but are not as statistically brash. There are driving laws in place, as the protection’s first line, But without the proper respect, you’re risking your life and mine. How can we stop this? Is there even a way? How are we supposed to know what to say? Parents are influencers, you can make a change too, Set the right example with your driving- and it will be of benefit to you. So you’re wearing your seatbelt, that’s step number one, Don’t load up on passengers, though it might seem more fun. Make sure you’re driving unimpaired, no substances, emotions, or phone, Driving is you and the road, disconnect to be alone. When driving, check the speed limit, and be alert on your toes, The car is in your hands, wherever it goes. Have your own checklist to ensure you safely drive, Hold yourself to this pledge until at your destination you arrive: “I am responsible, it’s no one but me, My actions can have repercussions, which I hope to not see. “By taking precautions I can minimize risk in the car, I will not give into peer pressure, but follow the rules as they are. “I will help out my friends and family to ensure we all know, The ways to prevent careless collisions wherever we go. “I’m aware this is a group effort, but it will start with me. I’m here to encourage, practice, and teach driving safety.” And with this tiny step, it’s your word you’re held to, It’s easier to remember with this oath, that this is all on you. Don’t be one of 4o00 that die every year, Driving is not just an activity- you should have healthy fear. When out on the road, remember this choice, You are responsible now, so go use your voice.