One second could have changed everything.

Riley O

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One week before Christmas you wake up from sleeping over your aunt’s house after a night of fun with your whole family to find you’re your dad is taking you and your sister home. Why? The only thought that is going in your head right now. Rushing home and asking questions, your sister thinking there is a surprise waiting for the both of you oh how wrong she was. Two minutes from home your dad saying that your other aunt is in the hospital. Pulling up to the house with an unsettling feeling asking how and what happened. Finally your dad says that she wasn’t in the hospital but had died last night from getting hit by a car. Emotions are swirling in your head, trying to process the situation. This is the first death ever experienced before and you’re hurt and confused because you just saw her last night with everyone at a concert. Walking it to your house you see your mom crying, realizing that it was your mom’s sister. You run and hug her crying, still confused. The rest of the day you sit in your room looking things up trying to piece everything together. All radio stations are taking about it and all the news sites are too. Finally you come across an article about the scene of the night before. Chills run down your spine as you read that a young kid no more than the age of 23 was driving while he counted his money from the tip he received delivering pizza. You’re angry at the man and upset and sad for him. Too many things are running around in your head. After the first funeral you went to in your life your family is upset, friends are upset for you, you even miss school. Teachers around you know about how your aunt has died and many classmates heard the news. You cry in class and still when you get home look up more information about that terrible night only to find out that another person was walking with your aunt and survived but is in critical condition and there has been more deaths from distracted driver in only two weeks. Now two years later you still miss your aunt, wondering what life would be like with her. All the funny times you would have had with her. She would have been there for you passing your driver’s test, would have been there for your sister graduating eighth grade, she should be there for your High School graduation coming up this year but she isn’t. The man she was with is still hurting emotionally and physically so is his family. The man driving won’t ever drive again and feels terrible for your family, his family is even sad. You and your family have had two years, that is 730 days since the day and still things aren’t right. Holidays with the family everyone cries, it hurts, you’re hurting. Imagine you being in this situation, I had to live in it. I was the you. Distracted driving doesn’t just affect you but the people around you and their families and friends. Everyone gets hurt by it so please pay attention and keep your eyes on the road. Wait till you get to your destination before you pick up your call. Pull over if need be and watch out for other. In one second everything can change, in one second a life is gone, a family is crying, a man in still in the hospital, and the person that caused it all is upset as well. One second could have changed everything.