Why Didn’t Daddy Come Home?

Marlina M

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He had it all, the perfect teenage life it seemed so. Fernando was a star on the football team, outstanding grades, sentimental heart, and an addiction to his phone. It was not until his senior year of high school did he learn the dangers the connection he had with his phone truly held. Driving is every teenagers dream, to be free and drive to wherever his heart desired. Yet the most important rule to driving is what most teenagers and also adults overlook-keep your eyes on the road. On his way to a party Fernando had received a text from his friend Isabella asking for directions. He knew he should not text and drive but he had done it a thousand times and one more time could not hurt. Reaching over to unplug his phone anticipating the text he would not send for hours due to the sudden screams that would haunt him for life. Amilia, Arianna, Alexis were Erick Vera’s pride and joy. Triplets, all girls who were spitting images of their mother, had been the reason why he worked two jobs, rode the bus, and stayed positive. He was the hero in these three young girls lives, and the only to family they had besides their grandma. Erick Vera, 35, who would not live to 36 due to a young boy who did not keep his eyes on the road. Fernando, 17, the driver whose life crashed down just as his car did. Whose stomach dropped when red had been spread across his car, body felt numb when stepping out of the vehicle to see a life he had taken. He did not think the one second eyes were off the road he would fail to see the red light. Or to think of the life long psychological damage that would be to come. Red blue lights flashed in the window of the Vera’s household with three little girls not knowing that there daddy would not come home. Whose thoughts were only “Why didn’t daddy come home?”. If Fernando could take it back he could, but he couldn’t. All anyone in the world can do to prevent an accident like so is to stay safe, focus on the road, and do not let any distractions ruin your life at any age you are or experience of driving you are at.