Distracted Teen Drivers

Lindsey G

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I am here to write to you about ways to fix the problem of reckless and distracted driving. Honestly, there will never be a long-lasting solution for this problem, but there’s ways to lower the amount of reckless and distracted driving. Personally, I can’t multi-task when I’m walking, so there would be no way I could text and drive. We as a community can give presentations to students in high schools and do our best to convince them by showing them gruesome outcomes, and giving them heartbreaking stories that will scare them like I was in school. The presentation I was given in my sophomore year scared me so much that I refuse to even have my sounds on my phone while I’m driving. We just need to inform them how dangerous distracted and reckless driving really is. We could come up with a setting on phones that if they’re going faster than 15 mph it won’t even let you unlock your phone until you’re stopped. That would be a lot of money, but it could also prevent a good amount of fatalities and car crashes in the future. This is a problem that can never be completely solved, but we can inform future and current drivers about the consequences, and come up with new settings on smartphones that prevent to access to a phone.