Lights out

Joan S

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Driving down the highway, thoughts racing, mind distracted. I catch a glimpse of my reflection, of the insecurities of my past and present, slowly gnawing away at my self-esteem like a rat chews through an electric cable. Bit by bit. The rubber – acting as the barrier between me and the world’s judgement. Slowly losing grasp of my reality as my mind wonders on the vanities of life that I’ve grown to believe will bring me joy. The Intertwined metal, a conductor of light like a distant hope that gives me motivation to get up every morning despite the calamities of life made to hold me down and suppress me like a rock tied around my neck ready to be thrown into a body of water. I slowly move my hand towards my face. I fix my hair not knowing that in fact I’m not fixing anything, that in fact I’m empowering that demons that I have gifted control of my life over to. The naivety. My mind wanders. The what’d he say, the how do I look, the what’s next. And finally, the nothingness. A flash as the rat chews through the last wire breaking my connection with the light. The connection with life itself until there’s nothing left… Lights out. The rat scurries away into the darkness carrying a bag with me inside… Don’t drive distracted. Be in control.